Saturday, 30 July 2011

Celebrity Style file: Rosie Huntington whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is quickly emerging as a fashion icon. A burberry model, victoria's secret angel and now an actress in Transformers 3 she has become the girl of the moment. It also seems Rosie can't put a foot  wrong when it comes to picking her outfits. Here are some of her best looks that have earned her a title as a fashion icon and FHM's sexiest woman in the world:

In burberry while promoting Transformers in London

Looking glamorous in a backless Naeem Khan Gown

Rosie wearing a Gucci one shouldered dress for the Moscow premiere

In Michael Kors while attending and event in Moscow

Rosie wearing a MaxMara dress in her signature style - form fitting and sophisticated, but with the back cut out to reveal flawless skin

Rosie in Max Mara

Monday, 25 July 2011

Versace for H&M preview

H&M has recently announced that it will be collaborating with Versace for a collection that hopes to 'reinterpret classic Versace designs' after DonatelleaVersace has looked back at Versace designs from 1978 to today. The collection will feature 40 peices for Women, 20 pieces for men and a selection of homeware. It will be released worlwide in stores and online on November 17. H&M, been the king of the highstreet and Versace been a leading designer brand, many people are very excited for it to come out, it is said to be affordable, stylish and colourful.  Here's a sneak peek!

Donatella Versace previewing one of the dresses from the collection in milan. She said this was the dress thst she was 'so excited' about.

Another Versace For H&M Preview

Versace for H&M video

New trend: Fringed Bags

A fringed handbag is a must have accessory this summer and will keep you right on trend! From Asos to D&G fringed handbags are everywhere. Make sure you sanp one up!

fringe bag
Fringed Bag by Asos

fringe bag
Fringed bag by New look

 Pixie Lott with a Dolce and Gabanna fringed handbag


Kim Kardashian with a Linea Pelle bag

Vaness Hudgens was also seen sporting a fringed bag by J.J.Winters

JJ Winters Fringe Bag

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is also seen wearing a J.J.Winters Fringed bag

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Celebrity Style File: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo, Model, actress and socialite is rapidly becoming one of the most well known fashion icons. With her confidence and glamour it's hard not to like her. Many people all round the world are constantly looking for inspiration whether she is at a glamorous red carpet event or dressed low-key when shopping she always looks fabulous. Here are some of her best looks:

 Dress: Alexander McQueen
 Clutch Bag: Botegga Veneta


  Dress: Giambattista Valli

 Jacket: Topshop
 Shirt: Topshop
 Skirt: Topshop Unique
 Shoes: Zara

  Jacket, Jeans and shoes: all Topshop
  Bag:  Hermes Birkin Bag
  Rolex watch
 Shoes: Charlotte Olympia
 Dress:  Victoria Beckham collection
 Clutch Bag:  Sondra Roberts

  Dress: Tibi

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Now a member of IFB

I am now a member of independent fashion bloggers, a great way to view other fashion blogs and discuss fashion. Here's my badge :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Adriana Lima- Beauty secrets

She's one of the most desired and beautiful women in the world, a Victoria's Secret Angel and posed on the cover of everything from Vogue to Love magazine. Here are her top health and beauty tips to get the same flawless look with minimal make-up and her effortless glow.

 "My secret for mascara is that you just keep applying on and on and on—especially in the summer, I never take my mascara off, I just keep adding on and I think it’s beautiful. Sometimes I even like to take the brush and purposely touch the skin around the lash line so it looks a little messy. Apply on the top and the bottom—for me, the more you apply the better."

"If you want the look of very bare skin, you can mix a shimmer powder with your daily lotion—or even with sun block—and apply to your face. It gives you that beautiful glow, even if you have no makeup on."

"Sometimes I take like a little red or pink lipstick and dab it on my lips and on my cheeks. I use the same thing on my lips that I use on my cheeks to give that natural tinted look."

 "A lot of women have trouble lining their eyes, and what I discovered is that the pencil works better when it is soft and not too dry. It’s better if it's moist—it’s easier to put on and you actually get a more precise line. The Victoria’s Secret Eye Pencil is easy to apply and stays on perfectly."

5) DIET:
"Usually when I’m more careful on my diet, I don’t snack. I eat mostly green vegetables—asparagus, spinach. For breakfast or lunch I like them steamed, raw or both. But, if you like to snack, I suggest blackberries and blue berries. You can eat them all day—just carry them with you and they actually help you burn your fat cells, so you can eat them as much as you want!"

"I like intense workouts—nothing slow, I like to sweat. I love jumping rope. It’s something that can travel—you can carry it in your bag and do it anywhere, it’s light. The minimum time for jumping rope is ten minutes, and it equals thirty five minutes of running! Sometimes I do an hour jumping rope, and you can easily burn 1000 calories per session."

7) HAIR:
"If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flaxseed oil or a flaxseed pill—just ask your doctor. It’s great! It will make your hair super shiny and it’s going to grow fast."
"If you have dry hair, don’t wash everyday. And if you have very, very dry hair wash once a week! The oils help your hair look better, but it also depends on activity—if you sweat a lot every day of course you should wash more often or use dry shampoo. But you have to do what’s good for your hair."

"One thing I would suggest if you have curly or dry hair that made my hair very healthy is the Brazilian blow dry. It’s unbelievable, I can’t live without it! I do it every two months and it makes my hair super shiny, plus it adds great movement and body to your hair. I love it."

"I think something that is very important for your skin is to remember that everything that goes in to your body is going to show up on the outside, believe it or not. You’re going to see it in your skin and your hair and your nails, so it’s important to watch out!"